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Terms and Conditions

Conditions IQP-b2b.com


1. Applicability

1. These general conditions apply to all offers of Industrial Quality Parts and IQP-b2b.com (hereinafter referred to as IQ Parts) and all agreements entered into with IQ Parts.

2. The website of IQ-Parts focuses on the whole world.

3. From the provisions may be waived only in these terms and conditions

if and insofar as expressly agreed in writing.

4. If the purchaser refers to his general conditions, are

conditions of the purchaser shall not apply.

5.Onder "buyer" means any natural or legal person

which is in a contractual relationship IQ-Parts, under a

IQ-Parts purchase agreement or other agreement, as well as

any natural or legal person with an IQ-Parts for sale or other

agreement to be stated.

In particular, the term "buyer" includes, the person on whose behalf and for

whose account products are ordered and / or delivered.


2. Offers and development agreements

1.The offers or quotations contained on this website and made offers must

be regarded as an invitation to the potential purchaser to make

an offer by IQ-Parts.

They therefor do not bind IQ-Parts in any way, unless the offer itself expressly

and unequivocally in writing to the contrary has been determined.

The order issued to IQ-Parts as an offer and can only lead to creation

the agreement if the conditions are met in Article 2.3.

2.Specificaties and prices listed on the website may, without further

notice by IQ-Parts are changed.

3. An offer of the purchaser to enter into a contract is deemed to have been made,

When IQ-Parts received by the buyer completed order form.

An agreement is concluded at the time that the IQ-Parts

order confirmation to the buyer sends.

4.Any additional agreements and / or commitments binding only if IQ-Parts

these agreements and / or commitments by authorized to represent persons

on behalf of IQ-Parts made in writing.

5. A purchase order can only be sent to IQ-Parts by using

an order form.

6.Buyer and IQ-Parts expressly agree that the electronic communication

a valid agreement is concluded as soon as these terms and

the ordering process is met. In particular, the absence of a signature

does not affect the binding force of the offer and its acceptance.


3. Prices

1. All prices are expressed in euros, including VAT and excluding


IQ-Parts gives buyer an indication of the shipping costs, look at the creation

of the agreement.

2.The method of packaging and shipment and the choice of the packaging material is determined by IQ-Parts. Packaging is not taken back by IQ-Parts.

3.De prices are based on the time of the conclusion of the agreement

current cost factors such as exchange rates, manufacturing prices, raw material and

material prices, wage and transport costs, taxes, duties and other charges


4. If the price lists or on the order confirmation stated a price that is incorrect,

preservation IQ Parts reserves the right, still to bring the right price to charge.

The buyer may then terminate the agreement by notification in writing

making and thereby send the goods back.


4. Payment

1. All orders will only be delivered upon receipt of full payment,

unless otherwise agreed.

2.When delivery on account, payment terms 30 days after the invoice date.

IQ-Parts reserves the right to (partial) payment in advance,

if the order to do so according IQ-Parts rise.

3.If buyer at maturity has not fulfilled its payment obligations, he is right

in default without notice being required. In that case, the purchaser

liable for all IQ-Parts suffered and still suffer.

4.In the absence of timely and / or full payment, the buyer, without formal notice

or notice owe interest at the statutory rate,

plus 3% per annum on the unpaid portion of the principal.

5.The collection costs, both judicial and extrajudicial,

be borne by the buyer.

The extrajudicial costs are set at 15% of the unpaid

remained part of the principal.


5. Dissolution

1. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 4 of the contract shall be automatically terminated,

without judicial intervention and without any notice being required,

at the time when the buyer arising from the purchase agreement

obligations are not fully satisfied, in bankruptcy is declared,

provisional suspension of payments, or seizure, guardianship thesis

or otherwise loses the power to dispose of its assets or parts thereof,

unless the trustee or administrator from the sale of coming deriving

recognizes obligations as estate debt.

2.Due to the dissolution, mutually existing claims become immediately due and payable.

The buyer is liable for all IQ-Parts suffered and still suffer.

3. If the buyer does not, not timely or properly fulfill the obligations, which for

him only under these conditions with stainless agreement

arise, and in case of suspension of payments, liquidation of business

the buyer or his death, IQ-Parts is entitled to the contract in whole or in part

to dissolve without judicial intervention and without the required notice

and by IQ-Parts supplied, to the extent not paid, to recover,

to demand payment for the completed portion of the contract and for further

delivery and assembly to demand prepayment.

In these cases over mutual claims payable immediately.

The buyer is also liable for all IQ-Parts suffered and still suffer.


6. Delivery and delivery deadlines

1.De delivery times given by IQ-Parts will only for deliveries in the Netherlands

never be regarded as a deadline, unless otherwise

in writing. In late delivery IQ-Parts written in default

be held, after a reasonable period will apply for fulfillment,

which period shall be at least seven days.

2.The by IQ-Parts specified delivery dates take effect at the time of the full copper

completed order by IQ-Parts is received, and the payment obligations


3. Once the deliverables at the place of destination buyer comes, goes

the risk where these products are transferred to the buyer.

4.Requests the buyer to supply products in other than the usual

manner to take place, then IQ-Parts entitled additional costs

to charge the buyer.

5.The received goods must be checked immediately upon receipt by the consignee

to be any damage and completeness in common

cases here within 24 hours after receipt of written notice to do so.

6. If the buyer for whatever reason is not satisfied with the

products, the buyer is entitled to the relevant products,

in proper packaging to return within 14 days of receipt.

This does not apply to customized products and especially for the buyer ordered goods.

Costs for returning are paid by the purchaser.

IQ-Parts will credit the purchase price to the buyer.

7.Additional cost of (new) package shall be borne by the buyer, unless IQ-Parts

products are undamaged and receives back in its original packaging.

8.IQ-Parts will immediately after receipt inspect the products for possible damages and / or


9. If the products are damaged, IQ-Parts will be the lowest of the following amounts

deduct from the amount to be credited:

1. The cost of repair or

2. The value of the product.

10. If the buyer keeps the products, the buyer thereby indicates that the buyer fully and irrevocably accepts the products.

Obviously, the provisions of warranty unaffected.


7. Retention

1.The ownership of the products goes, notwithstanding the actual delivery,

pass to the Buyer after buyer all that buyer in respect of any

agreement with IQ-Parts is or will be completely fulfilled.

2.The buyer may products before ownership has passed to the buyer,

not encumber, sell, deliver or dispose.


8. General obligations and responsibilities

1.The buyer is solely responsible for the selection, use and application

of the products supplied by IQ-Parts.


9. Liability

1.Subject the obligations arising from warranty, IQ-Parts is never required

to pay any compensation to the buyer and / or others,

unless there is intent or gross negligence by the seller.

IQ-Parts is not liable for consequential loss or damage, direct or

indirect damage, lost profit and stop loss, including ago

damage by buyer arising from any delivery or non-delivery of goods or

by the business itself.

2.Nor IQ-Parts is liable for any damage caused by or not

temporary unavailability of the system, lack of access or removal

the internet site of IQ-Parts for maintenance or otherwise.

3.The buyer is obliged to indemnify IQ-Parts for all claims in respect of third parties

the execution of the agreement by IQ-Parts might assert, insofar

the law does not preclude the relevant damages and costs borne by

the buyer come.

4.IQ-Parts accepts no liability in respect of the supplied information by IQ-Parts

about the products supplied by IQ-Parts.

Furthermore, IQ-Parts excludes all liability in respect of the by IQ-Parts

advice or answers to questions via e-mail and / or telephone,

here unless there is intent or gross negligence.


10. Force Majeure

1. If IQ-Parts force majeure can not meet its obligations,

those obligations shall be suspended for the duration of the force majeure.

2. If the force majeure situation has lasted 14 days, both parties have the right

Agreement in whole or in part by means of a written

Notice to terminate without any right to (damage) compensation.

3.Onder majeure IQ-Parts includes any circumstance beyond its control,

thus fulfilling its obligations to the buyer fully or partially

prevented or required to fulfill its obligations

can not reasonably be expected of it, whether that circumstance

at the time was to provide the conclusion of the agreement. Until

circumstances include strikes, lockouts and stagnation or other

difficulties in the production by IQ-Parts or its suppliers and / or actions

of any government, and the lack of any

government issued license.

4.Parties will meet as soon as possible of a (possible) situation of force majeure



11. Applicable Law and Treaties

1.Only Dutch law applies to the offers made by IQ-Parts and to all agreements entered into by IQ-Parts.

2.The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded.


12. Disputes Settlement

1. All disputes of whatever nature, relating to or arising

in offers, agreements and deliveries by IQ-Parts will be settled by

the competent court, unless the law expressly another judge

as competent.


13. Copyright

1. Complete or partial reproduction or duplication of images, tables

or technical data, for any purpose whatsoever, are prohibited without express permission.

On any error, incorrect information or prices there, no claims can be made.


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